Signs of a Cheating Spouse

Overly defensive? - He will become very defensive and at times turn thing around and try to accuse you of lying or cheating in order to take the attention away from him. 
Problem with intimacy?  -  He is becoming less intimate with you and provides excuses.  This is most likely that he is fulfilling somewhere else.
Secretive phone calls? - Does your phone speak on the phone with vague words and sentences? Does he go to the next room or leave the message to voicemail? Then more than likely, he has something to hide.  It can be intruding but you should check the caller-id number.
Excessive Spending? - You may need to follow up with the bank and see what he has been buying.  You should check with the bank and ask for a copy of the statements.  Sometimes, it is free if it is within 3 months.
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Excessive time out of the house? - Is your spouse claiming that he has more than usual business trips? Does he claim that he has a lot of work at the office?  You may need to go to this office late at night unannounced and check up on him.  As for his unusual business trips, ask him when is his next trip, plan your schedule so your kids can stay with your parent or a good friend.  Follow him and take pictures.  This helps you put closure to your suspicion.
Excessive charges on the credit card? - The credit card bill arrives and he is hiding the bill from you.  He does not want you to see the charges because it may elevate your suspicion.  If by chance, that you are able to look over the statement and he is claiming that an unauthorized person is utilizing the card, you should follow up with the bank to verify his statement.
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      submitted by Alice Chicken

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